Nicky Clacy

I am a self taught artist who enjoys many forms of arts and crafts.

There are many who think that papier mache is just a craft, but it can be a great art form as well.  I know of many artists who produce very intricate sculptures out of this very versatile medium.

I’ve always loved making things and started at a young age (I was not very academic at school so I had to be good at something).  I loved modelling clay and found 3D art easier and more enjoyable than the 2D art that I was taught at school.

I came away from school with an O’level in the subject, but it was via the internet that I started to learn more about sculpture and the many possibilities of papier mache.  Please visit my links page for some great websites on the subject.

In my 10 years of using this medium I have been surprised at the variety of commissions that I have received, including an Aston Villa footballer from the 1800s, six large caricature heads for Big Brother 11 and two, three metre long baseball boots for the NHS.  Last year I was very fortunate to be asked to make Alice, the White Rabbit and a Cheshire cat for the Barakura English Garden in Japan.  I was even lucky enough to be able to go and see these sculptures in situ.

It has been a great 10 years, so here’s to the next 10.

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